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I met Mr. Tom Duer years ago after discovering the wonderful world of having a personal trainer.  You see, I could have a gym membership until I am blue in the face.  I would be part of the statistic that gets the membership and never goes.  Recently, Tom took his personal training skills on the independent track.  My health has never been better. If you are interested in canceling your gym membership and JUST paying for specific services instead of things you don’t need or use, Tom is your man.

Tom’s style is very friendly, yet to the point.  He will motivate you to keep going, but is not trying to “sell” you any gimmicks.  Personal training is a two-way street.  You are paying Tom to help you reach certain goals.  He is there to coach you, which involves listening, preparation and consistency.  He truly loves what he does and has openings to take on clients.  He can be reached at:

With the New Year coming up, what better time to get in shape.


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