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Quality is key. I am an active Penn State alum (’06) and recently visited for a day of Board Meetings and speaking with students both inside and out of the classroom. When I visit State College, I am also intrigued by what is going on with the local economy. A dear friend of mine opened up Artemis Massage Studio a few year back.  She continues to grow the business and brand with such pride and strategy. You can tell that this small staff of licensed massage therapists are equally passionate about what this studio provides to the State College community.

Image Source: Artemis Massage Studio Website
Image Source: Artemis Massage Studio Website

Being in a college town, I am aware that many people are focused on making a quick buck that targets the transient student population. Though all are welcome (yes, students, you are welcome), my purpose for writing this article to to make permanent residents and working professionals within the area about this gem of a service.  I entered Artemis on Sowers Street (Click Here for Google Map/Street View) after a long day of networking and immersing myself back into the culture of Happy Valley and the staff was awaiting my arrival for a scheduled 90-minute massage. I loved that this studio is in the heart of downtown but also feels like a hidden morsel of a retreat amongst the activity.  You will get the best experience if you schedule an appointment in advance, but it is not a deal breaker to call and see if “day of” services are available. Having had many customer service jobs in my 30+ years, please be mindful that the staff will move mountains to make you feel like a million bucks, so cancellations with little notice can interrupt the flow of the experience.

After my massage, I complemented the owner on the acoustics of the newly renovated space because she truly thought every last detail out down to the sound-proof walls. You would not know that my massage TOOK PLACE in a room that sat along the iconic College Avenue. Yes, that means students were buzzing about 4 floors below on their way to class from surrounding apartment buildings, dorms and eateries. While I was getting a massage, it was like I was on a retreat in the mountains or some remote island.  The massage was thorough and performed by a licensed therapist who took the time to ask if I specifically had any areas of tension and then incorporated my comments into her work of those areas.

Before departing, the owner showed me several new additions in construction at the studio.  She is strategically growing the space to meet the demands of her clientele. She excitedly shared the new plans for couples and group massages that can be event-specific (bridal, birthday, etc.). A smart business owner, the thought leadership is equally spent between navigating the needs of her staff as well as the customers. Perfection is the goal, but I often touch base to make sure the owner, Whitney, is taking a break so as not to burn out.  I am so proud of you Whitney.  The next time I am in town, i will be sure to incorporate a visit to Artemis into my itinerary. #smallBIZ #excellentSERVICE

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