#WorldCup in the Working Arena

Think about how pop culture and events concurrently happening in the media can effect the flow of productivity of the workplace.  My motivation was limited during the day that the Solange tape was leaked on TMZ.

Workplaces are known for their meeting places (#watercooler) the day after The Oscars, Superbowl, World Series and so on. This is something that will NEVER change since we are all social creatures looking for common ways to bond with others.

Focusing on the World Cup, there is not much BUZZZZ in the U.S specifically for this event.  However, in other countries (Brazil is the hosting country) some companies take the opportunity to close down shop and celebrate such events.  Check out this article by Susan Heathfield, contributor to About.com, breaking down some of the major sporting events that DO effect workplace productivity.  Interestingly enough, she highlights how correct utilization of such events can bolster culture and productivity.


So, who do you want to go ALL THE WAY in the 2014 World Cup?  See you at the water cooler!

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