Workplace Negotiations: A True BOSS – Angie Martinez

[box] “People lose themselves in chasing the immediate hotness…. That takes away from authenticity…. You got to be patient. You got to build an honest brand.” Angie Martinez[/box]

A lot of people are scared to leave their jobs and make changes in their career. Angie Martinez, a well-known DJ for Hot97 for over 12+ years recently gave notice and moved onto Power 105.1 in New York, NY.  After 12 years interviewing stars in the Hip Hop music world (among other stars), Angie was approached to make a change and she eloquently took it.

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In an interview with The Truth via Elliot Smith, Martinez discusses being scared to take the jump and possibly harming her career.  A great motivation for people in transition. This interview is a great resource for people wanting change, but needing the PUSH to take the jump.

Job Change Tips & Success Stories:

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