Watch Out World 002 – Grace Malyn Photography

Grace Malyn is someone I hold very close to my heart.  A budding photographer living in Philadelphia, PA, Grace is currently is in the 9th grade.  Actively taking Saturday morning classes at the Tyler School of Art (Part of Temple University, Grace is harboring an evident visual talent.  I realize a teenager can change his or her mind and interests.  I just wanted to capture the moment (pun intended) in this young lady’s life, as I believe she is onto something.

Just take a look see…

If you are interested in purchasing a framed portrait, please contact Grace Malyn at  A great gift for the upcoming holiday season that can be shipped right to your home. 


Other Shining Talents:

One thought on “Watch Out World 002 – Grace Malyn Photography

  1. Grace,
    You show soo much potential. One pic just seemed better thatn the last. That last pic was fantastic as were soo many others. Good luck! See you at the party!!
    Love, Joy

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