Trapper Keeper Music Blogger – SAY WHAT?!

I LOVE music.  At the age of 9, I used to keep a Trapper Keeper® binder with a weekly tally of my own Top 20 list.  That meant when songs moved up or down on the chart, I used a pencil and eraser to complete the change.  My taste in music was saturated  with mostly Pop music and R’N’B.  Every now and again, Rap or Rock/Alternative tracks would creep into the mix.  Hmmm…. not much has changed!

Well, at 31, and with the POWER of social media, I was contacted by, a music website based out of Dallas, TX to review concerts, albums and songs.  This pretty much has been my life calling, so I pumped… needless to say.

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Check back for reviews linked from this page to in the coming weeks, months and years.

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