Yelpin’ 021 – The CLO Caberet Theatre (Dixie’s Tupperware Party)

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I was not sure what to expect of Dixie’s Tupperware Extravaganza.  Walking in to the intimate Pittsburgh CLO Caberet Theatre and seeing the stage and live energy around the room told me I was in for a treat.  Fully interactive theatre at its best, I attended with two friends while celebrating one’s birthday.  A frequent attendee of the arts along Penn Avenue, one friend knew most everyone and got us the coveted seats ON THE STAGE.  You see, this show takes place as a Tupperware party in one’s living room consisting of:  two couches, coffee tables for REAL drinks, and… a large table of… TUPPERWARE.  Check out this commercial to get a taste:

90 minutes of nonstop fun, Dixie brought laughter to the audience through jokes about growing up and living as  Tupperware salesperson in the south.  I walked away with so much knowledge (there was a light feminist edge) about the history of how the “party” came about in the 1950s.  Dixie had an uncanny way of building relationships with a few select audience members that kept everyone howling via her flirtation, frustrations and annoyances all in one breath.  As mentioned, our seats were planted on the stage as “real-life” attendees to the Tupperware party. Such great seats had us watching Dixie’s every move up until the finale which was a competitive game (no more spoilers) that saw your’s truly on the winning team.  #Rim

Would you know, at the conclusion of the entire show, Dixie walked out to the lobby and welcomed everyone to a picture AND real life Tupperware (legit) order forms.  She is making some DOUGH!  To fill theatre of seats and finish the interactive experience with actual orders being placed by up-to-date catalogs was just uncanny and well, GENIUS.  Dixie, you were definitely not a DRAG.  Many of the local queens (and national) could take a lesson or 2 from you.  You provided the perfect mix of raunchy but not over-the-top humor that left (at least me) everyone with a smile.

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  1. I agree the show was a real treat. Interractive comedy at its best. Very impressed and delighted with the entire experience – not to mentiin my wonderful friends that made the night unforgettable!!!

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