SouthBurgher 011: Consistency

[box] Series Description: In the midst of a professional relocation from Pittsburgh, PA to South Florida, I am highlighting successes (and some roadblocks) during this huge life transition. I hope these tips and stories help people in the event they ever decide to make a move in life. [/box]

I am now roughly 6 weeks into my journey as a transplant from Pennsylvania, living in South Florida.  Working full-time, I continue meeting tons over people with every outing and even click of the mouse.  You see, I was investigating options for health insurance, as I will have  a small lapse until I am covered from my employer.  I made a selection from the ACA Marketplace after a few attempts over the last few weeks. I landed on the phone with a call center (independent of the ACA Marketplace) with a brilliant woman.  Seriously, this was a call not intended to be about professional networking (but really, every conversation has endless possibilities, right?), but the woman assisted me with making sense of independent health insurance that led to an e-intro to some locals.   BAM! Within 24 hours, I spent my Monday evening chatting on the phone talking about living life in this South Florida region.  #connectarian

If you remember, I have a vested interest in geriatrics, which was a large part of my conversation with a professional who educated on a website called The Caregiver Reality.  this stats is taken from the main page of this website – “Today, with little education about caregiving and little support, no fewer than 40 to 50 million Informal Family Caregivers (IFCs) care for their loved ones.  15 million of those IFC’s care for the 7 to 9 million present victims of Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia’s (ADRD).”  

I have also discovered a radio show that takes place from the renowned Gerontologist, David Levy JD CCE, that speaks to caregivers about support and education for families dealing with aging family memories. Like this great resource on Facebook now.


This relocation has led to moments of insecurity and excitement (yes, both happen throughout the day). Finding this site is a triumph!  My outstanding support system has truly stepped up and I NEVER feel alone.  One friend reminded me that a life change of this magnitude takes consistency and the ability to keep going.  I am doing just that!

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