South-Burgher 005 – Florida Equality

[box] Series Description: In the midst of a professional relocation from Pittsburgh, PA to South Florida, I am highlighting successes (and some roadblocks) during this huge life transition. I hope these tips and stories help people in the event they ever decide to make a move in life. [/box]

Yesterday I received a text from a fellow social worker stating that I picked the right time to be entering the sunshine state. Today, January 6, 2015, marks a huge Supreme Court vote in the state of Florida to lift the ban on same-sex marriages.

Not one for making an entrance (insert sarcasm), Miami-Dade county already lifted its ban on the 5th – more details:

Now, officially entering the sunshine state in a few short hours from Atlanta, I just find the timing of this arrival uncanny. Enjoy the gem that comes to mind by Diana Ross and imagine me jamming out for the next 7+ hours!!!

South-Burgher Series:

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