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The Practice/Preach Series: Each chosen individual is a cherished part of my network. They bring values that encompass compassion, inclusiveness, charisma and a sense of strength to every part of their own life. The goal is to increase their personal brand through nothing but the facts. #connectarian
Source: Sisters Place Inc.  Event: Hats Off to Mom (May 2014)

Source: Sisters Place Inc.
Event: Hats Off to Mom (May 2014)

Melissa Ferraro and I met years ago as colleagues in the non-profit sector.  Fact: The most random household item continues to make a cameo in our friendship, Tupperware.  I will get to that later.

Currently, Melissa is the Development Director at Sisters Place, a non-profit organization located in Clairton, PA., a supportive housing community committed to assisting families who are homeless in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Always resourceful and thinking on her feet, Melissa challenged me in 2013 to create a commercial (when my blog and multimedia interests were starting to blossom) regarding a fundraising event that takes place annually for this organization.  The finished product can be viewed here.  Melissa, like many of the fine professionals within the ‘Preach’ blog series, challenges me to always sharpen my skills and be better with every waking day.

A native of Pittsburgh (specifically atop the hilltop community of Carrick), Melissa has been in the non-profit sector providing leadership and expertise for well over 15+ years.  A proud mother, Melissa and her husband John have two gorgeous children, one dog, a fish and hamster.  I often wonder how working parents juggle life, but then look at Melissa and become inspired.  You NEVER see Melissa sweat during her countless fundraising events.  Passionate about human rights and so much more, you can review her extensive credentials by simply clicking here.

They always say “the apple does not fall too far from the tree.” I want to leave by urging you to visit Melissa’s Crowd Rise page, where she is raising money to support the passion of her father, Gary LaMarca.  He spent the last years of his life living in a remote and rural area of Nicaragua. Melissa gives her “all” in this world to help create a sense of hope for those around her.  It looks to me that daddy instilled this years ago.  He is watching over you, Melissa, so proud.  Click here for the full story>

Melissa thanks for being you. Pittsburgh and the world is better for it!

Now, for that Tupperware story -

We met when I delivered some promotionals goodies for an event that guess what, YES, Melissa was planning for her employer at the time, The Center for Victims in East Liberty, PA.  Well, the bag that had the goodies in it also held a Tupperware container that I did not mean to leave with her.  Melissa, with such impeccable customer service, emailed me to say that she would keep it until we met again.  Would you know that roughly 3 years later (and yes, I got the Tupperware soon after the email), we just attended a HILARIOUS Tupperware Party in downtown Pittsburgh.  An “A-ha” moment came about us noting that this handy-dandy household staple does in fact have a place in our friendship. 


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  1. Well chosen representative in Melissa Ferraro from Sisters Place in your Practice What You Preach honorees. She is a shining example ofthe best in each of us when we follow our heart. Aa are you, Matt.

  2. Melissa Ferraro |

    Thank you so much – I am honored to be a part of your “Practice What They Preach” series!!!

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