Practicing What They Preach – 006

[box] The Practice/Preach Series: Each chosen individual is a cherished part of my network. They bring values that encompass compassion, inclusiveness, charisma and a sense of strength to every part of their own life. The goal is to increase their personal brand through nothing but the facts. #connectarian[/box]

Jackie Baker.  How to begin?  Well, she is the proud creator of ‘Lollipop Tuesday.’ She reminds people to cherish the important things in life such as sprinkles and puppies.  You can find out more about the robustly quirky side of her via The Jackie Blog, which  began in 2011.  Housed on WordPress, Jackie’s blog has been honored as “freshly pressed” noting blogs on its homepage and deeming them worthy of a read.  Like Katie Jones who is also featured in this series, dedicates a lot of time and energy to the arts.

Photo Credit: Lauren Morrison Photography
Photo Credit: Lauren Morrison Photography

A fearless and outstandingly creative woman, Jackie and I met while working in corporate health care.  A high volume and often stressful working environment, she always reminded me in her subtle manner that no singular job solely identifies a person.  She has an intuition about people and that is uncanny, which translates to a high emotional intelligence in the working world.  I have seen her grow personally and professionally over the last 5 years.  Under the age of 30, she has paved a way for herself that wise beyond her years.

Jackie has a tremendous love for the arts.  Currently the General Manager at Bricolage Production Company, Jackie is busy promoting the 2014-15 season.  Multi-faceted, she can manage a project that she has zero interest in completing but make the consumer, boss or audience believe that the finished product was her life’s calling.  Convincing, yes.  Hard worker who understands and nurtures her own personal brand, absolutely.  Recently, Jackie helped produce and manage the 4th Annual Rock All Night Tour (RANT), which took place in Lawrenceville, PA in August 2014.  An all day festival on a Saturday, Jackie and a small team of art’ss advocates and educators sought support from local restaurants and vendors and also booked artists and musicians for this event.  Check Jackie and other collaborators promote this event on KDKA (CBS affiliate – Pittsburgh, PA) back in August 2014.

Anyone is truly lucky to have Jackie’s wit and intelligence in their life.  Please check back to this page for updates on events that she may be promoting in the near future.

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