Practicing What They Preach – 002

Misti McKeehen

Currently the Director of PittServes, Misti McKeehan is no stranger to the non-profit sector here in Pittsburgh, PA.  A champion for education and service learning, I met Ms. McKeehen during her time at the Coro Civic Center for Public Leadership.  We worked even closer when she became the Site Director for Public Allies in January of 2012.  Misti, good luck in the next year in promoting the great work of the University of Pittsburgh and connecting students to the importance of giving back in their own communities.

Misti is someone I know has impeccable follow-through and an attitude that exudes hope and positivity.  Not one for the limelight, I am sure she is cringing as she reads this.  #HumbleBumbleBee

I invite folks who have been touched by the work of Misti to comment below.  There is always the ability to pump up her Linked In profile with some activity, as well (Hint: that is a simple copy and paste job from this website to another).  Misti’s future is bright and I am proud to be a part of her network!

The Practice/Preach Series: Each chosen individual is a cherished part of my network. They bring values that encompass compassion, inclusiveness, charisma and a sense of strength to every part of their own life. The goal is to increase their personal brand through nothing but the facts. #PREACH #connectarian


Others Who Practice What They Preach:

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