Pain Letters = The New Cover Letter

An article I found on entitled “Dear Hiring Manager: I Feel Your Pain” by Liz Ryan has me looking at cover letters a bit differently these days.  I am starting to write with some candor.  As if this blog doesn’t already provide such the tone.  Hey Liz, when you read this, here is my “attempt” at a “Pain Letter.”

A few notes for anyone reviewing my first ever “Pain Letter” –  

  1.  I peppered it with some familiar uniformity (it will take some practice).  For instance, some examples, though describing transferrable skills, are highly administrative more than direct care.  However, reiterating the job description bullets isn’t fully worth anyone’s time in getting to know the candidate, right?
  2. It is rather fun to be candid and seek OUT the hiring managers.  This letter did note the specific name of the hiring manager, so I  addressed it to “My Future Boss.”
Image Source: Liz Ryan's Facebook Page
Image Source: Liz Ryan’s Facebook Page

In closing, I realize some of these out-of-the-box practices will rub some people the wrong way (and this attempt might have miss the mark completely to some), but creativity is infectious and leaves an impression (sometimes). I like the “sometimes” factor. I am in a mindset these days that is fluid, flexible and motivated.  No one job defines or confines my life forever.  DISCLAIMER (also noted in the letter): I am not a job jumper and am highly loyal to employers.  I am looking for a manager who enjoys developing an employee.  Is that possible?  If so, check out my credentials, which are updated on a consistent basis.

So, if you have some unorthodox tips for making job searches FUN and ADVENTUROUS… please leave them in the comments!

Liz Ryan NUGGETS of Wisdom & Candor:

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