It is okay to take time OFF and recharge the batteries in life.


That said, I am spending the next week here in my home state of PA.  Yup, it probably does not sound enthralling or tantalizing to many, but I am excited for some connectarian activity, relaxation and time with family.




  1. Melissa Ferraro |

    Have some PA-tabulous fun!!!

  2. Gu’s ‘phun, philly’ adventure list:
    -Go to Royal Tavern in South Philly, just go. Great food and atmosphere!
    -People watch in Rittenhouse Sq. while drinking coffee
    -You must brunch! Non-alcoholic places: Green Eggs; Alcoholic places: North 3rd, Abbaye…all these places are in Northern Liberties and while you’re in the area check out the Piazza! (
    -If you want to go to a fun dive bar check out Barb and Barbaras, it’s my fav.
    -You have to checkout Frankford Hall! Best Beer Garden….ever.
    -Walk along Boat Row! It’s beautiful and right behind the Art Museum.
    ….Alright, that’s all I got. Don’t forget to use me as your “Gu-Siri” when you’re there. Enjoy your pacation!

    • So, my time in Philly was way too short! I didn’t even see these until today (10/2). This means we need to go back for an adult version of getting to known Philly. By the way, I emailed Misti moments ago. #connectarian

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