Nutty Buddy CHALLENGE!!!

This is not an ice bucket video.  I produced and published it roughly 1 year ago, BEFORE ALS was deservingly in the spotlight.  Keep donating folks!!!

Back Story:

Nutty Buddy Team 2013
Nutty Buddy Team 2013

Yes, the Ice Bucket Challenge IS a great fundraiser.  Sorry if “those” videos annoy people.  Put your money with the challenge folks!

In 2012, I met a young woman who I confidently can describe as a quintessential “change agent.”  This means that a person will stop at nothing to strive and reach a goal no matter the challenge.  This girl’s name is Amie.  Now a graduate ofPoint Park University, her father was diagnosed with ALS approximately 2 year ago.  This is the same neurodegenerative disease that took the life of Lou Gehrig over 70+ years ago.  Sadly, there is still no cure, so every dollar raised helps prolong the life of a loved one.

Ms. Amie, thanks for being an advocate even in this trying time.  Here is a small depiction of your hard work and triumphant fundraising efforts (raised OVER #10000) achieved in September, 2013.  Buddy, you are a true legend and living #legacy.  Thanks for being YOU!

Local Chapter Facebook Page

I also did the challenge (at the time, it was the Ice Bucket Challenge, but later adopted the title, “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”) in July, donating to both the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Western PA and Sisters Place.  Check out the video.




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