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Released November 12, 2014, this American Idol (AI) alum clearly showcases her influences (Jessie J, Kelly Clarkson, Hayley Williams) through her catalog of music.  Angie Miller has taken some time to learn who she is since being in the limelight back in 2012-13.  Some might think such a step is career suicide, but her maturity and outlook showcases a paced journey, not some rush to the finish line.  An independent artist, check out this innovative website called to learn more about the ‘Weathered’ project and all things Angie Miller.  With music competition shows seeming like a launching pad from yesteryear, it could be seen as an uphill battle for alumni of AI brand prior to Carrie Underwood (Phillip Phillips would be an exception to that rule since) in today’s pop music arena .  Fear not, as Miller has the pipes to join the likes of AI champions, Kelly Clarkson and Ms. Underwood.  Fans of Miller might remember that towards the finale of the 2013 show, Jessie J, Miller’s idol, took time away from touring her sophomore effort ‘Alive’ to perform a duet with Angie Miller.  Still slightly awkward in terms of stage presence at the time, Miller has really matured with her sound and I am hoping it translates to the live show.  As a frame of reference, Miller was a part of the season that had the world more focused on the judges – Mariah/Minaj-Gate.  

Now, digging into this EP.  Showcasing a tightly produced set of pop-ROCK songs. Angie Miller fuses influences of Hayley Williams on the title track, ‘Weathered.’   On ‘This is the Life,’ she talks about living… the life, through a carefree track of whistles and use of the piano.  I learned in this song that she is a Massachusetts native.  No connection, just a random observation.  Her voice is a strong instrument and gift.  However, Miller stands out from other female pop-rock artists because she is ALSO a trained pianist.  On ‘Universe Electric’ and ‘Lost in The Sound’, the production on these tracks is also well curated. I am reminded of Ryan Tedder’s “stadium-amped” sound and believe he would bob his head to these tracks. ‘Universe Electric’ has the legs to be a radio hit with the right marketing team behind it.  However, and this is a question directly being asked to Ms. Miller.  I sense a confident and mature sense of self your music.  Is world domination your goal?  I am here for you either way.  Regardless, keep making hits and people like myself will stream/buy/promote for years to come.
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