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  1. UV radiations only. The heat radiated is IR (infrared) and HAS A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON CELLS since they are dark, and have a glazing layer… so they have a built in “greenhouse effect”. As such their temperature in sunny countries can often exceed 60°C and be over 80°C while they have an optimal performance at 45-55°C. cells need DIRECT solar radiation to work. Areas in the world which have a lot of light but are not necessarily too hot are just perfect.

  2. and does certain tnghis…why…what else would he expect? He’s a big boy and is no martyr. If you can’t take it then don’t dish it. That’s all I would say.I think he was way out of line to fire Dr. Koulda. That doesn’t mean I don’t like him or hate him…I wish he would hush up and strive to be less provocative…I think he makes situations worse at times. I hope that I didn’t just lose my “conservatism”…(one last thought…to be fair…I don’t think I ever hear Dr. P complain about “the attacks”. Usually his sympathizers do the complaining for him…and as is the case with this interview…he simply responded to a question. I don’t think Dr. P is any wilting violet…and I think deep down he knows that when you launch attacks you will receive them back. I have a feeling that he accepts that and is basically “ok” with it.)

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