Gender Equity in Society

“Think about the places where you can make a contribution… an impact.  This allows you to take the time to make the most impact doing what we most care about. We could do it all and we CAN do it all, but not all at the same time… Occasionally, that means… you CAN say no.  ”  - MJ Tocci

In 2012, at an event for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition Pittsburgh Chapter, I met a fantastic woman.  A pillar of strength in her own life, she is a true definition of someone that leads by example.

MJ Tocci plays an integral role in PROGRESS, a women’s negotiation program located at Carnegie Mellon University.  As the uncle of a teenage niece, I cannot stress the importance of a lady that knows her self-worth.  The skill-set and power of negotiation spans across both professional and personal boundaries for all women.  Take a look at some press regarding Progress. 

MJ, your legacy will live on forever!


Athena Award Recipient, Pittsburgh, PA – 2011

Reframe the Workplace, Change the World

Heinz Academy Teaches Female Leaders Negotiation Skills


Her Legacy: Tireless Worker on Behalf of Women


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