Dolores Part 38: Big Sean

[box] Blog Post/Series Description: Dolores is my maternal grandmother living with Alzheimer’s Disease. A woman who helped shape me to be the man I am today. These posts highlight anecdotal stories about her life, her family and the legacy she will leave.[/box]

So I was driving down I-95 during my morning commute today and listened to the new single by rapper, Big Sean, called ‘One Man Can Change the World.’ You might be thinking, “Um… where is this going?” Stick with me, here.  A tender rap ballad (They come along every now and again), this track talks about the wisdom passed down from so many of life’s lessons, including his GRANDMOTHER. Seriously, even if rap is not your cup of tea, still try and listen. 
 At the end of the song, there is a soundbite of a conversation between Big Sean and his grandmother.  Yes, folks, I lost it during rush hour.  Dolores is still thriving in Pittsburgh (written 2/18/2015) and yes, I do miss her.  The emotions this morning did not stem from the geographic distance of Florida to Pennsylvania.  The grieving process started long before I ever decided to relocate to a new state.   I have grown confidently content with my relationship with Dolores over the years since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. curacao  You see, with Alzheimer’s, the grieving process starts even when a person is still alive.
I am on a mission in South Florida, which will include career and/or volunteer opportunities (or both) that center around caregiver support for the aging population.  Plans are in action and the #connectarian (yes, I just talked in the third person) is making subtle moves.  Stay tuned… and “Nuni (Dolores), I love you!” Thanks for the vote of confidence, too, Big Sean.
[box] “If you love yourself, know you will never be alone.” – Big Sean[/box]
P.S. – Ariana and Big Sean, maybe you can work/invest on a senior home in Boca (you DO have roots here) and we can work together on making a great environment for all of the world’s grandma’s.  Hit me up!  Seriously!

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