Dolores Part 37 – New Years 2015

[box] Blog Post/Series Description: Dolores is my maternal grandmother living with Alzheimer’s Disease. A woman who helped shape me to be the man I am today. These posts highlight anecdotal stories about her life, her family and the legacy she will leave.[/box]

My Nuni!  On a recent visit to the Baptist Homes I shared the news with my grandmother that I would be continuing my career in geriatrics by relocating to the South Florida area.  Yes, in January 2015, I am heading south.  I shared with her that this decision is educated and being well executed (I have a 4-tab project plan that gets updated daily on Google Drive). Check out a recent United States Census Report (May 2014) denoting that I have my work cut out for me through 2050.  The aging population shift is exploding and I want to be ahead of the curve… and close to a beach for those stressful days when I need to get away.

Dolores with Her Daughters - Christmas Day 2014
Dolores with Her Daughters – Christmas Day 2014

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