Dolores Part 23 – Chocolate Twizzlers

[box] Blog Post/Series Description: Dolores is my maternal grandmother living with Alzheimer’s Disease. A woman who helped shape me to be the man I am today. These posts highlight anecdotal stories about her life, her family and the legacy she will leave.[/box]

Nuni, short and sweet (literally and figuratively), loves certain snacks. Chocolate peanut M&Ms, Mary Jane bites, Bit-O-Honey bites, and Chocolate Twizzler’s to name a few. I’ve mentioned it before, but in Pittsburgh we love to share love and appreciation through the gesture of food. When I lived with her on Southcrest Drive in the Pittsburgh neighborhood Brookline, she always had several secret stashes throughout the house. Later in life, at her own apartment, the stashes could still be found when I visited.

Now at The Baptist Home, with a limited diet, I’m trying to figure out a way to have her enjoy just a piece of one. It worked when I smuggled in a salted bagel a few weeks ago. Give me some ideas in the comments section.

Nuni's favorite snack
Nuni’s favorite snack

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