Can’t DENY This 005: Florence + The Machine

[box] This series highlights an artist who is back for another victory lap. You see, just having the platform to make an impact on pop culture at any given moment is the win! Rather or not it charts, you are still listening, watching and staying entertained…[/box]

Florence + the Machine is back and by the sounds of it, BIGGER than ever.  Their most recent LP, “Ceremonials,” was releasedin 2011. Welch proclaimed was her attempted at being a “better” version of the band’s debut, “Lungs.” So, let’s hope a trend is happening here and album #3 takes us to another level of euphoria.  The anticipation for new music from this band could not come at a better time amidst the dwindling buzz of the 2015 Grammy’s (thank goodness Kanye apologized – I say that lightly – to Beck on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show).

Source: Google Image
Source: Google Image

By the sounds of their first visual, which feels more like a trailer than a single, the band opened the gates for what might be their best effort yet.  The visual for “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”, directed by Tabitha Denholm & Vincent Haycock, shows Florence Welch dancing with herself in the beautiful outdoors.  She recites the song title repetitively while getting lost in the sound (which will happen, so be forewarned at first listen), Welch twirls along an outdoor stage as the iconic build up and powerful instrumentation commands this short clip.  The visual clocks in at just under 3 minutes. Take the joyous ride and remember why we have patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waited for the return of this flawless band.  Florence + the Machine is confirmed for both Coachella and Bonaroo performances in 2015, however, this mystical trailer leaves us eagerly questioning their next announcement.  They have us right where they want us.  We are listening!


Watch “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”  Now 



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