Can’t Deny This 004 – Megan Mullally

[box] This series highlights an artist who is back for another victory lap. You see, just having the platform to make an impact on pop culture at any given moment is the win! Rather or not it charts, you are still listening, watching and staying entertained…[/box]

A little weekend You Tube watching of the lovely Megan Mullally is good for the soul.  You might also remember her as Karen Walker on the iconic series, ‘Will & Grace.’  However, this lady has utilized that platform to steadily partake in projects upon the shows completion in 2006.  Check out her interview with Wendy Williams and see for yourself that she is not only acting on a current and familiar TV series, but also performing on Broadway.  Lastly, she is ALSO a part of a band.  Motivated to say the least, Megan seems HAPPY and well in this world.

[box] “There is nothing more comforting than a ‘Will & Grace’ marathon.” – Wendy Williams[/box]


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