Can’t DENY This 003 – Joan Rivers

Source: Elle Magazine
Source: Elle Magazine

As a working professional, I sincerely understand the joy in maintaining a constant cash flow through hard work.  Each job I have had (in my young career) is related to something that I am passionate about.  Joan Rivers has caught my attention over the past 10 years (I was late to the party), quickly understanding her lifelong passion: to make people laugh.

Literally in mid-August I found myself watching some of her stand-up specials on Netflix.  Similarly, while traveling to a wedding outside of Pittsburgh during the beginning of August, I was itching for some laughter during the long car ride and listened to some of Robin Williams stand-up moments via You Tube (coincidence, I am sure/I hope).  I am taking a break from random research on comedians so that Whoopi, Mo’Nique, Kathy Griffin and Ellen are safe from any harm.

Below is a link to some of the classic television appearances throughout her career.  One of my favorite Rivers‘ moments; she talked with the incomparable Lucille Ball while hosting The Tonight Show (currently, the ONLY woman to ever do so on network television in history).  Enjoy!  R.I.P. Ms. Rivers.

Rolling Classic Joan TV Appearances

Other ‘Can’t Deny This’ Moments:

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