‘Burgh Vivant – The IT in Pittsburgh

While house managing a showing of ‘South Side Stories’ at Pittsburgh’s City Theatre, I met two fantastic folks who introduced me to ‘Burgh Vivant


Loni ‘The Theatre Lady’ and Mike Buzelli attend cultural events and later record a review for the ‘Burgh Vivant You Tube channel (which I am now a follower).  Executive produced by Brian Edward, this trio definitely packs an honest and entertaining commentary of the local arts scene, food, music and so much more going on in Pittsburgh, PA.  I agree with a lot of Mike and Loni’s comments regarding the ‘South Side Stories’ play.  I expected more comedy, but the somber undertone of this always bustling Pittsburgh neighborhood was an unexpected history lesson (referencing J&L Steel’s economic impact).  Here is a taste of Vivant’s review. 

Follow them on Twitter @BurghVivant. Shout out to Tami Dixon for being the mastermind performer behind this epic story.  I am planning on exploring her other creative outlet, Bricolage, soon!

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