BRRRRRRRR….. Ice Water Challenge

I don’t normally watch ‘The Today Show ‘ in the morning, but fell asleep with the TV on watching Betty Who on Seth Meyers.  That said, Matt Lauer completed ‘The Ice Water Challenge’ on the July 15, 2014 telecast.  This also happens to be my 31st birthday (thanks to all who have been texting, emailing and Facebook-ing me throughout the day).

So, why not meet the challenge from my friend Jonathan?  Sure.. and of course I made a video!!!!

Shameless and unrelated plug… if you want creative marketing and fun energy like this working for you, check out to learn more about me.  31 WILL be another benchmark year!!!  I am taking calls for the right opportunity.

My MSW friends are always up for an impromptu adventure!!  Thanks Brooke!
My MSW friends are always up for an impromptu adventure!! Thanks Brooke!


2 thoughts on “BRRRRRRRR….. Ice Water Challenge

  1. 10:15 am 7/16/14…Thanks for the text…I couldn’t get the vid-clip to load off of my phone…pulled it up on line and just saw your video; am now realizing the urgency of the text… I am guessing that I can not drink the ice water or infuse it with fruit and liquor? OK so, donation is $100.00 to the CF Foundation… My friend Ryan has CF, when he was little we did the walk to support the cause every year. I missed it this year and am happy to contribute.

    Amy 🙂

  2. Definitely donating $100 to the charity of my choice – Sisters Place!!! I will donate towards the Friends at the Tables event ( that is being presented my the Friends of Sisters Place Board (Matt Arch, Friends Board Member). Happy Birthday to you and good luck to all of the Friends on this inaugural fundraising event!!!

    AND…I will add another shameless plug and say – gets your tickets now for this amazing event that is slated to be “the event of the year”!!!

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