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Well, fill in the blank.  Go ahead.  Is it passé? It is annoying? Is it something you would LOVE to do, but don’t have the time?  Well, a fellow “connectarian” by the name of Will Thompson recently posted about “why” he blogs.  It is featured below as you keep reading.  Dan Reich, a contributor for, noted that blogging is basically the “new resumé.”   I personally enjoy the blog portion of my own website because it allows me to curate numerous ideas through my vast array of interests.  I get insecure sometimes that the format might not make sense or that my time could be spent doing something more “productive.”  However, I work through such feelings of self-doubt and teach myself to take breaks so as not to force content.  On the contrary, I can push out 2-3 blogs in a 24-hour period when the creative juices are flowing at a rapid pace.

One effective and proud practice I enforce is the opportunity for my own network to contribute posts.  From sports to pop culture (with a twist), this very blog has introduced the world to some fantastic and intelligent writers.  This, in fact, is my most proud accomplishment when thinking about “my blog.”

So, the next time you criticize or contemplate the purpose of creating your own blog or continue to have a fixed viewpoint on what blogging truly means, please check out this wonderfully written article by Mr. Thompson.  Read more>

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