Award Show Buzzzzzzzzzz – 002: 2014 VMA’s

[box] This series covers my love for annual awards shows. One topic regarding the biggest BUZZ
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The MTV VMAs are honoring Beyoncé with the annual ‘Michael Jackson Video Vanguard’ Award.  Previously, this award has gone to the Beastie Boys, Hype Williams, U2, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake and a few select iconic figures that have consistently graced many lives through pop culture dominance over the past few decades.

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Now, I read in that Michelle and Kelly (Destiny’s Child members) would be sitting in their seats cheering on Beyoncé as she performs what is predicted to be a large catalogue of hits.  Some of the comments below the article claimed the subtle “shade” subliminally written within the article.  Over the past decade, Beyoncé has carved a name for herself as a solo artist.  During many concerts, she has addressed her group-mates (see me to borrow concert DVDs), noting that she would not be at this point in her career without them.  Also, she did bring them out at the Super Bowl (be it quickly).  I am hear to help the haters who think Beyoncé might have had this “planned” all along for her own career.  OR, maybe her father, Matthew Knowles had it in mind. I believe that Beyoncé, like Diana Ross, has a brand outside of Destiny’s Child that has taken her into an entirely new territory of star power (this fact is not NEW to anyone).  Michelle and Kelly have both had terrific post-D.C. careers.  Many get hung up on comparing their “success” to that of Beyoncé’s.  This, in turn, brings in the abovementioned theories that Beyoncé is all in it for herself.

I will close with this:   At the root of it all, success comes from timing, power and privilege.  All three of these women have experienced favorable times in their careers that incorporate all of these factors.  There is a lot of research and books surrounding the topic of great management and working dynamics.  Teams (this is a bigger conversation than just music) outgrow themselves.  Workplaces, personal friendships and relationships are fluid and subject to change over time.  As people evolve, their skills and interests change over times.  Therefore, leaders need to be prepared to move employees into roles that will help them flourish. That is in fact, if that leader is a true servant leaders that truly enjoy managing other folks.  These 3 ladies have withstood the test of time and NEVER showcased some petty beef when transitioning into the following: Pop Icon, R’n’B Songstress, Gospel/Inspirational Superstar.  You can attach each lady to their respective genre.

Visit this post for more information on servant leadership (not pertaining to pop culture, but in the workplace). 

So, in honor of the 2014 VMA’s, let’s take a trip down memory visiting 3 of the most recent post-Destiny’s Child “reunions” and learn what teamwork over time really means.  I believe this award is well-deserved and from a marketing standpoint will have LOT’S of people tuning in on 8/24/2014.

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