A Shining B-Corp Example: TMI

My wheels have been turning lately on many projects.  They often come during jogs or great conversation with a good friend or colleague.   With a Masters in Social Work, people are congratulating me for such a great accomplishment.  However, I often get the, “Wow, that is a calling and you are such a willing and caring person?”  Or, “Oh, well you are not going to make that much money but I know you are following your passion.”

Well folks, I am researching the hybrid that marries for-profit business models with a mission that betters the community for all.  Yes, there is such a thing.  Check it out:


I learned about a Certified B Corporation at the 2013 Multicultural Forum (yes, a long time ago) via the founders of TMI Consulting, Inc., a diversity and inclusion consulting firm out of Richmond, VA.  They are in existence to help alleviate challenges due to inequality and injustice in the world.  This is turn makes better businesses and communities for us all to live and work.  OMG, I have not chatted with Tiffany and Matthew for over a year, but I have a You Tube clip open via their website and man am I getting inspired.  Just listen…

I think the job search and/or consulting ideas have taken a new direction and I am liking it… stay tuned….

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